5 Things That Will Change From Hotel Mama To Uni Halls Life

Posted by Jeremy Michels on

Starting a new chapter is very exciting, especially making the move to uni, but it sure does come with many changes, so let's get ready and boss uni life! 

1. Cooking your own meals 

You will realise that the food, which usually appears on your dining table for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hasn't been crafted by magic. You will actually have to move into the kitchen and cook it yourself, big yikes! Don't worry though, our Student Starter Kit, has all the essentials you need to navigate around the kitchen and whip up the finest instant noodles (crack an egg in it, call it gourmet😛)

2. No awkward family introductions after a night out 

You finally have your own space of comfort, where noone asks strange questions after you had a good night out. But remember folks - your laundry doesnt wash itself. So be sure to stack up on some bedsheets and wash them regularly!


3. Bye bye plastic plates and cutlery 

Let's get sustainable, and stay sustainable. It's easy to avoid washing dishes during your time at uni but we're #adulting now so go and buy the dish soap and sponge. P.S. Washing dishes can be quite therapeutic!

4. The housekeeping elf who always cleaned your room didn’t move with you

The times where you you leave your room in total chaos and it magically tidied up are over, so here's a quick cleaning 101:

  •  The loud machine, you used to bark on, which sucks in all the dirt is a Vacuum Cleaner. Use it from time to time in order to see your floor again.
  • When you look out of your window and it always seems to be foggy outside, you should try out a window cleaner. Your friends will stop asking why you keep bringing your raincoat out on sunny days.
  • Invest in a plunger - trust us... you'll need it after the 7th house party.


5. Life with an empty purse

  • Get a noah Student Starter Kit - you'll get all the essentials you need for uni life, in one box. From kitchen, bathroom and bedroom essentials, we've got you covered.
  • You may not be a gym freak, but meal prep is the ONE! You'll save time during the week and best of all you'll save a ton of money. Bye Deliveroo 👋
  • Students get a lot of discounts - sign up to UniDays and Student Beans and similar discount channels! 



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