5 things that will change from Hotel Mama to your first freshers student dorm experience

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Starting a new chapter as a fresh student is very exciting. But there are some changes, which you might not consider. Today we are going to point out 5 things that will change, when you move into your first dorm at university.

1. Cooking your own meals 

You will realize that the food, which appeared on the table isn’t crafted by magic. You will actually have to move into the kitchen and cook it yourself. And guys, eating Yum Yum noodles all day isn’t a ballanced nuitrition.

2. No awkward family introductions after a nights out 

You finally have your own space of comfort, where noone asks strange questions after you had a good night out. But remember folks - your laundry doesnt wash itself. So make sure to stack up on some bedsheets and wash them regularly!


3. Getting proper cuttlery for your dorm room

We all know Beer Pong is an awesome game, but using the cups and other plastic dishes for your regular meals will not be sustainable . Those porcelain tableware you know from your parents are the right one.

4. The housekeeping elf who always cleaned your room didn’t move with you

The times where you you leave your room in total chaos and it magically tidied up are over. Here some tools which will come in very handy, while you improving your skills as a housekeeper:

  •  The loud machine, you used to bark on, which sucks in all the dirt is a Vacuum Cleaner. Use it from time to time in order to see your actual floor again.
  • When you look out of your window and it always seems to be foggy outside, you should try out a window cleaner. You will realise, your friends will stop asking why you keep bringing your rainjacket on sunny days.
  • Only because you can eat it with your fingers, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Use the cutlery you bought from time to time.


5. Life with an empty purse

The times where the fridge and other household goods are filled up automatically are over. Here some hacks, how to save some good money in your pocket:
  • Get a Noahs Box student starter kit - they have very good value and will get your first steps covered.
  • Prepare your meals ahead of time and avoid the expensive food in your canteen.
  • Students get a lot of discounts. Be aware of them and you will save a decent amount of money for your next party.
  • Cut unnecessary subscriptions.

In order to get you settled easily and the first steps covered, we are more than happy to help you out with our awesome student box.

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