10 Ridiculous Stories from Freshers

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Everybody knows that things can get a little out of hand during the first year of university, so we assembled some of the best stories we've heard from our friends and family. Let's hope you don't get caught out by any of these.

1. That night they turned an entire dorm building into a nightclub

House parties can be an awesome part of the university experience, but sometimes it can get a little out of hand.

“On arrivals weekend after the student union shut, the majority of students weren’t ready to call it a night, so someone invited the entire club into the 4-story apartment block round the corner. The stairwells and kitchens rapidly filled with people and music. Within about 10 minutes, a fire alarm had been set off and campus security had turned up en masse. They weren’t best pleased!”

2. The champion of sleeping in lectures

A classic tale:

“A friend of mine decided he’d have a much better nap if he lay down on the floor during the lecture under some tables at the back of the hall. He fell asleep fairly instantly, but at the end of the lecture nobody woke him up. We had a 2 hour break and then another lecture in the same room; when we returned, he was exactly where we’d left him.”

3. Laptop ≠ Toilet

“During our first year, one of my flatmates came back after a drunken night out, went into his room and peed all over his desk. He covered his laptop and all his textbooks before lying down in his bed and going to sleep”

4. Microwave Beans

microwave cooking GIF

“Within 20 minutes of moving into our flat, one of my new housemates decided to microwave some beans. In the tin. I suppose on the plus side we ended up with a nice, new microwave…”

5. Slip n Slide

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“Two of my flatmates decided to turn our corridor into a slip ‘n’ slide for one of their birthdays. The first of them charged face first down it only to slam right into the wall at the other end. He managed to get away with just a broken finger, but our corridor remain soapy and damp for a good few weeks.”

6. The Phantom Pooer

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“In the first week at uni there were a few times I found a nasty surprise left in the toilet. Initially I thought it was just one of my housemates, until I was the only one in the flat one day and popped out for 20 minutes. When I came back, the mystery pooer has struck again! I later discovered that this person was visiting all of the toilets in our block on different days and leaving similar gifts for them...”

7. Bin Head

“My flatmate returned to our flat totally wasted after a particularly rowdy night. He grabbed a bin to throw up into, but in the process managed to get the bin stuck on his head. It was pretty hilarious for the first 15 minutes but after that it just became a little sad so we helped him out.”

8. Draped over a railing

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“On our first flat night out I had way too much to drink and ended up being kicked out of the club we’d gone to. Without any way of getting home, I slouched over the club’s railing until some older students took pity on me and allowed me to crash on their floor”

9. Kitchen Hazard

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“We had this one flatmate that would just eat cooked mince with no seasoning or sauce but we never saw him cooking it. One day, someone spotted him taking a saucepan out of the cupboard. He’d just cooked a load of mincemeat at the start of the week and was serving it up directly from there every day!”

10. Colossal Food Fight

food fight GIF by HULU

“On the weekend we all moved out of our first year accommodation we had to get rid of all the food left in the flat. Someone jokingly threw a slide of bread across the kitchen which hit someone. That led to retaliation, which eventually escalated to all 24 of us throwing all of our remaining food over one another. It took us an extra day just to clean it all up”


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