Save Money & Time with Bundles

By bundling items together to awesome Starter Kits we keep our unit economics low and can transfer those cost savings directly to you - the customer.

Check out below how we compare to other major Retailers.

Noah's Box vs. Amazon

For our comparison with Amazon, we searched for exact matches for the products in our bundles wherever possible.* We found that you can save up to 40% when buying items as a bundle with us instead of buying them separately on Amazon. (£139 vs. £192)

*ca. 80% are exactly the same items (same manufacturer) and the other 20% are items with similar properties and price range.

Noah's Box vs. traditional retailers

When we compared our prices with the top brick and mortar retailers we found that our boxes undercut them by substantial percentages. Both John Lewis and Debenhams were more than twice as expensive if you compare our Premium Kitchen Box with their online inventory.

Noah's Box vs. IKEA

We like Ikea - who doesn't? However, it's a pain to get there and it's even worse to get back home with all the new equipment. (If you can get home at all and you don't get lost in their endless maze).

To be fair, if we compare our Standard Kitchen Box, the difference is not that crazy. However, if we compare our Premium Box with the products available at Ikea you can save up to 30% without compromising on quality. Not to mention how much easier it is to have everything delivered to you for free.

How do we do it?

This is the million pound question!
Simple Answer: We are just more awesome & customer-focused 

Complex answer: By bundling lots of items into Starter Kits we keep our 'flexible' costs (such as 'Delivery' or 'Marketing') low and we can transfer those cost- savings directly to our customers

We use our Packaging more efficiently as we do not have to pack every single item individually. This doesn't just reduce costs but also has a positive impact on the environment. In addition, we refrain from wasting money on fancy packaging. Printing on Boxes this size can cost up to £10 per Box and we rather spend this money on quality products instead of printing on our Boxes. Don't worry we included nice tissue paper and other goodies to make the unpacking experience still outstanding!

All items are delivered in a single Box. When dispatching 4-8 individual parcels the retailer pays per parcel and the delivery costs explode.

We only advertise our Starter Kits as complete Units. We do not just advertise a £5 Cheese Grater. This is how we keep our Marketing costs low and we happily transfer those cost savings

As we only sell a handful of starter Kits our Inventory costs are relatively speaking low, instead of storing 6 different peelers, we just store one - the best one!
In addition, we sell exclusively online and do not pay ridiculous rents just to be represented on the high-street.

Most importantly: there is no middleman, we source our products directly from the manufacturer where possible and do not pay high markups to various middlemen.

Customers Love Us

At Noah's Box, we’re dedicated to reimagining the way you shop Starter Kits online. As our Starter Kit line continues to expand beyond our signature Boxes, the commitment to outrageous quality at a reasonable cost remains constant.

But don’t just take our word for it. Every review collected is submitted by a real Noah's Box customer.

We love to be transparent - so here is a full overview of all the data we used to build those beautiful graphs. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions!

Disclaimer: Data has been collected between the 15th and 21st of December 2018. 
We can not guarantee that the content of any statistic on this page is unbiased. Our Team did their best to compare all retailers fairly with a set of standard metrics such as material, quality, design and functionality (e.g. comparing towels with the same material and GSM value).