Winter is Coming

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Experiencing a second Lockdown is a topic a lot of people were afraid about. Facing it during the upcoming winter makes it even worse and gives me the chills.  But since it becomes clearer that this situation is not that unlikely anymore, we want to help as good as possible to support you through this time and will give you some ideas spending your time in your cozy apartment.


Christmas Decoration Challenge


Are you up for a new task? We all know we had a lot of fun renovating our apartments, planting our garden or decorating our balconies during the first Lockdown. Me as an expat who was just moving to London enjoyed it a lot setting up my new place! Eventhough the Home Mover Box one of our Starter Kits made it a lot easier. Were you always the type of person who thought "who has the time setting up all this Christmas decoration?“ Well, now is the perfect time to prepare yourself to go ham and make even Santa jealous. You will love it and can enjoy it much more since you are spending a lot of time in your apartment.


Christmas Market experience at Home


The famous German Christmas Markets are a highlight every year and are definitely worth a visit for everyone! Sadly the chances are likely that we miss out on them this year. That is why we suggest creating one for yourself at home! Since you completed the Christmas Decoration Challenge you already have the perfect setup for it. 😉

What else is missing?

And that is how you create your perfect Home Christmas Market. 😊

Game of Thrones Marathon


Winter is the perfect time to sit on the couch with a cozy blanket and bingewatch some series. Grab some snacks and rewatch the entire Game of Thrones series. You will definitely have a good time and are able to experience the season 8 let down once again! 😉


Get your hands into Baking


Are you looking for a new hobby which you can exercise during the winter days? You are already into cooking and love sweet pastries? Then you should definitely get your hands into baking! The possibilities are endless. You can start with easy recipes and work your way up to challenging masterpieces. There is something for everyone! During winter everyone loves Christmas cookies and are a sweet present for family and friends. You don't have the equipment to get started? No worries! We got you covered. Check out our awesome Baking Box, which is the perfect Starter Kit to get your hands into baking.


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