5 usefull Tips Starting Uni during Corona

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As you may have already realised your freshers' experience will differ a lot from what you expected it to be. But don't worry, we will get through this and you will still have plenty of time enjoying the true Uni experience! Check out our tips below:

1. Face Masks are the new Eyecatcher

Since masks are mandatory for most public places and should be a social responsibility for everyone, we definitely recommend packing one in your bag for your first dorm experience. Meeting your new fellow students will be awesome but also a hard task remembering all the different faces considering everyone is wearing a mask. Especially seeing your colleagues without a mask can cause a lot of confusion. Our Lifehack of the day is to get a striking face mask, which will stay in the mind of your new mates and leave a lasting impression of who you are. 

2. Dating and Parties during Corona 

Dating and meeting new people at parties is an important part of uni life! Sadly the possibilities will be restricted and rare depending on where you will head to Uni. But that doesn't mean there are no possibilities for meeting the love of your life or sharing good times with other people. Since bigger parties are not allowed, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time with a smaller group of people (6). Just choose wisely with who you invite ;). Beerpong or other drinking games where you share the cups should be avoided and kissing only with masks on! But be responsible and if you feel ill, skip this party. There will be plenty. 

3. Hygiene Regulations

In this section, I will sound like one of your parents. But should you definitely be aware of the basic hygiene rules:

  • Keep washing your hands regularly and use hand disinfectant gel.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a mask in public places.
  • make space and stay at least a meter away from people who are not living in your household.
  • If you are feeling unwell, get a test and do not leave your home for at least 10 days

For more info on that, you can visit the official website of the government (https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus).

Team Noah is happy to help you out with the essentials for being responsible and following the regulations on hygiene with our new PPE KIT

4. Isolation

Watching NETFLIX all day long can be fun and is definitely tempting. Especially in the times, we are living in right now, isolating yourself is easy. But the University is for most of us a "once in a lifetime" experience. So make the best out of it and try to meet interesting people, make awesome experiences, and make this time as memorable as possible!

5. Be prepared beforehand

Preparation is King in many areas of life. The same goes for preparing a relocation to your first flat or dorm. You have to think of many things and have to buy a lot of stuff in different kinds of shops, which increases the risk of exposing yourself too much in these times. To save you time and risks we would definitely recommend having a look into our Student Box. It is a complete Student Uni-Kit with quality products, which covers all essentials moving into your first flat. This is the easiest way to get your first steps covered and you can concentrate on the hundred other things you have to in the next weeks.

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