Student Box Review - Graceful Space

Posted by Chadd Holland on

The last couple of weeks were incredibly satisfying. The amount of positive feedback and appreciation of our product is just overwhelming. That is the reason we want to reach out to you guys and say "Thank you!" 

This unbiased review ( of a young student who is writing about being a student in such uncertain times and feedback like the following Quote are very aspiring for us and give us confirmation that we are on the right track.

"If everything I’ve just said hasn’t made you want to snap up a box as soon as you can, then I don’t know what will. The boxes themselves are of an extremely high standard, full of quality items that are all extremely useful. The delivery is super quick and straightforward, and free returns are available if you are not satisfied with your purchase- but I strongly doubt that this will be the case. And if you aren’t already sold by all of the above, then how environmentally conscious, and socially aware the company is really should do the job! All in all, I highly recommend Noah’s Box to all and really hope you give them a go, you won’t regret it."

We also deeply appreciate the recognition of our social efforts. As a small team, we want to stress that we always try to work sustainable and give something back to our community. This mindset is very important to us and influences our decisions on a daily bases. 

We are grateful for any kind of feedback and are looking forward to staying in touch with our community in order to constantly improve our products and helping you to get your first steps covered in the new journey.


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