10 Mistakes to try and avoid making this freshers' week

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Whether you've been a fresher, are a fresher or one day will be, you'll inevitably relate to a few of these candid mistakes everyone makes during their first few weeks at uni... deciding that downing one last shot really is a good idea (it's not) or opting to throw your whites in with your colours (pink boxers anyone?), there are some gaffs that almost everyone trips up on. Especially during your early days at uni.

1. Revealing EVERYTHING about yourself during drinking games (in your first week)

Otherwise known as playing 'Never Have I Ever' and accidentally spilling the goss about your sexual history, family life and whatever else embarrassing happened in your life.

It is naturally unavoidable that this will happen - but just try to spill it out in small portion sprinkled over the entire first year instead of the first week. 

Drinking Games at University 

2. Not having enough cutlery

You might've made jokes about your mum having 10 different sets of cutlery.  Now is the time, where you realise that you do in fact need more than one set of cutlery at any given point in your life - not just for yourself but also when you invite a friend over.

3. Getting with someone from your flat in the first week

We all turned up with the advice 'DO NOT get with someone in your house' engrained on our memory, and yet the boy/girl from next door just seems so appealing at 2am after too many jagerbombs. 

4. Running out of toilet roll

A rookie error. That's why we include always an emergency roll in our Standard Student Box - just in case!

No toilet paper 

5. Buying every book on the reading list

Whilst this isn't directly related to freshers' week but rather the first year in general, you wasted way too much time reading books from the list... not even speaking off all the money that you could have spent on booze instead

6. Trying to cook without the essential equipment

With all that spare time between lectures, Uni seems like the perfect time to test your culinary talents and impress your new mates. Buying all those expensive groceries just to realise that you do not have any basic equipment at hand.

We always recommend to buy the following essential kitchen equipment to make your first cooking experience a breeze: 

  • 2x Crockery Set
    • Cutlery, Dinner/Side plates, bowls, mugs and obviously some tumblers
  • 2x Good Kitchen Knives
    • at first totally underrated - until you got your hands on the first quality knives!
  • 1x large Frying Pan
    • Pack a large one - you are going to end up for multiple days at once!
    • We always include a 28cm Frying pan in our Student Box
  • 2x Saucepans 
    • Buy 2 of them to prepare your meals in time - also most of the time you are going to end up with one being "occupied" with the leftovers from your last cooking adventures.
  • Colander and Baking tray
    • to make sure you don't burn yourself - again
  • Cooking and prep Utensils
    • Just take our word here - they are essential and going to make your life SO much easier -  especially don't forget the tin opener to open all those ravioli tins!

Or just get one of our Student Starter Kits...

Cooking without essential equipment

7. signing up to every single society

For real - try to find out from some seniors what are the best societies/clubs. Otherwise, you end up going to spend more time in society related activities than in lectures... We know this is the actual goal of going to university, but seriously try to not waste too much time at the art club and join the cool activities. 

8. Packing pointless things you don't need

By the same token, don't pack every single thing you own into the back of your parents' car, just in case you might possibly use that spare TV remote at some point…even though you don't have a telly.

Not only will it clog up space in your student box room, there's also the chance it will make you forget something that's actually important.

Trust us – if you're an English student, you really won't be needing your secondary school geometry kit. Honest.

Packing too much stuff for University

9. Leaving everything until the night before

So why is it that the minute even the most conscientious students get to university, all sense of planning goes out the window?

Pack your belonging in advance to make sure you didn't forget anything important. 
Also, contrary to popular belief, the best time to finish that essay is not 3am the morning it's due. Somewhat unsurprisingly a little forward planning can help improve your grades and decrease your stress levels - a lot!

Trying to figure out life and Uni

10. Sleeping through your lectures (in the first weeks)

We know that it's very exhausting to be a student, but just try to not go too crazy during the first weeks - those are the weeks where they explain everything and if you miss the beginning it's hard to catch up later on.


Sleeping during lecture in University


Be prepared with our awesome Student Box and focus on enjoying your freshers' week!


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