Hungover? 5 easy meals to beat the booze!

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Let’s admit it. We have all been there. Best night of your life followed by a seemingly endless hangover. We promise ourselves that we will quit alcohol for good (when we clearly know that won’t happen) and we just try to convince ourselves that the pain is worth it.

The truth is that It doesn’t matter how you came to your hangover, it matters how you can fix it. Unfortunately, we can't promise a miracle for hangovers, but we can help you with those post-party cravings. (You can thank us later ;))

We gather our top 5 recipes that are real heroes in the effort to battle that nasty hangover.

1. Scrambled Eggs and Avocado Toast

Easy, fast and efficient. This meal is guaranteed to shake the heaviest of hangovers, satisfying your cravings for high carbohydrate and providing at the same time, good quality fats for nourishing our bodies.

2. Breakfast Pizza

A lot of health professionals say it: “Carbs are the key to sober up”. Let’s follow the rules then. Nothing tastes better than a greasy slice of pizza in the morning. Especially after a long night of drinking.
So what are you waiting for? Perfect timing to use your - extremely useful - pizza cutter from our Student Box (We told you it will be your best friend at Uni)


3. The Staple: Pasta

Lifesaving pasta-for-breakfast is the new hangover cure. A delicious, creamy spaghetti combined with egg, cheese and bacon is the kind of meal your body needs to recover the lost energy. What else could your hangover need?
Maybe one of the meals you will need most of our kitchen utensils: Saucepan, fry pan and colander are the key for this full-filling dish (things that you probably thought you will never need…).

4. Classic (and much needed) cheese toastie.

Hangovers suck, we all know that. Did you know that a chunk of cheese could nibble away the nausea? Yes! Cheese is full of protein and calcium, which means it has the magical property to coat things making your stomach feel much better. 

Bread, a lot of cheddar cheese and a toaster are all you need to slap that hangover in the face!

5. Full English breakfast: hangovers best friend

A recent study has revealed that eating a fry up in the morning could be the answer to fixing that horrible feeling of nausea.
This meal is not only full of minerals and vitamins, also has carbs (toast) for energy and the bacon and sausage is a great source of protein. All you need in one!
Fried eggs, baked beans, sausages and all the rest will restore depleted sugar levels, making you feel like new!

Probably we didn’t provide you with the healthier list of recipes, but your hangover will be thankful. Forget about that headache and enjoy the free pass you get to eat as many indulgent, greasy foods as you want!

Everything you need to prepare those delicious treats!


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