5 Things You Need To Do Before Moving Abroad

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Making the decision of moving abroad can be both exciting and terrifying. I agree that getting yourself a one-way ticket sounds like quite a romantic idea, but before you leave there are some loose ends you need to tie up.
If your plan is to move to a new country to live there for a couple of months, you should organize the trip properly to have a smooth arrival and enjoy the experience at it's fullest.

We've recapped the top 5 things you should consider before going on this life-changing adventure.

1. Double check visa requirements 📄

Getting your documents ready is an important, but sometimes exhausting and tedious part of emigrating. Many countries require that you obtain a work permit or visa to work legally.
This is not something you want to leave for the very end. I recommend you to start checking which documents you need some time in advance, as certain visas and permits can take weeks (or even months) to be approved.

2. First things, first: Housing, Health and Banking ✔️

These are the main 3 topics that you should sort out as soon as you arrive at your destination. If you still don’t know where you will end up living in the new city, it’s better to have an Airbnb booked before you arrive until you get a proper apartment/room.

Health insurance is something that you cannot forget. It could be a nightmare if you get sick and you have no health coverage, so you should double check if the country where you are moving in has a good public service. Good tip: always get private/travel health insurance, at least for the first months.

Not opening a bank account as soon as you arrive can end up in quite a lot of money spent on international fees. It’s always better to get a new account and transfer your fund to the place you will be living in - even if it's just for a few months.

3. Have enough money for your upfront expenses 💸

Despite the reason you decided to move abroad, if you're going to rent a place, you'll often need to pay for the first two months' rent and a deposit. Which is normally a good amount of money, especially when you are just starting this new adventure. So always keep in mind that the first months in the new country can include lots of upfront costs.

Be prepared and know approximately how expensive stuff is likely to be. There are dozens of websites that show you estimated living costs for each city around the globe. The best option is to have that money up front together with some extra until you start earning cash on a new job.

Also be aware that you may have to buy things for your new place such as Kitchen equipment. (If you are moving within the UK, we can help you with that 😉 So don’t worry!)

4. Get a local SIM 📱

We know how important is to have good internet connection everywhere, whether is to look for a new apartment, find a location, get a new job or just be in touch with our loved ones on the other side of the world. 🤳

Most of the mobile phone providers will probably work in your new destination but after you get your first bill, you probably will wish that it hadn’t. That’s why the best and cheaper solution to that is getting a local SIM card with a flexible plan.

Don't make the mistake and directly sign up for 2-year plan and trial the new phone provider with a flexible plan first.

5. Embrace and Enjoy 🤩

You are about to accomplish something most people dream about, so embrace the unknown and enjoy every minute of this new adventure! Meet new people, learn new things, discover new cultures and make memories everywhere you go.

For sure, there will be some homesick times, but you know what? As cliche as it sounds, it’s a matter of time. Every challenge and stone on the way will make you stronger and more confident about yourself.

Now that you know what it feels to leave the “comfort-zone”, there’s no way back. The world is way too big to live just in one place, right? Let’s keep discovering it! ✈️


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