5 easy ways to decorate your new room

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We all know one of the best feelings when going off to university is having your own private space for the first time - no parents allowed! Most of the University bedrooms may look drab and dull 😓 but... don’t panic! With just a few easy tips you can transform your dorm into a chic and stylish new home.

Here we share 5 tips to make your room Insta-ready 😍

1. Light it up ✨

One of the easiest ways to make you room extra cozy is using fairy lights to brighten up the space. If you are a little more adventurous you can also play with Neon lights ;)

Student decoration - bed room

2. Memories on the wall 📸

Use your favourite photos - not only - to stop you feeling homesick but also to give your room a more homely, warm and familiar atmosphere.

memory  wall

3. Green is the new black 🌵🌿

Pick up an easy-care plant (we know it will be hard to keep them alive) to bring some green colour to your room. You will be surprised how much
Life it will add to your space.

Bedroom with Plants

4. Create a statement frame wall

Select your favourite prints, inspirational quotes or patterns and create a lovely frame wall. This is a great idea to make use of a blank wall, and it will also make your bedroom quite trendy.

Frame wall

5. Invest in cosy cushions

Make your bed look extra by piling up some colourful and patterned cushions. Go crazy with prints, shapes and sizes that contrast against your bedding, and make you room pop up with a super-cosy bed!

Cushion Student room


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