Baking Life hacks - Part 1

Posted by Jeremy Michels on

On your marks. Aprons on. Bake!

Here 5 Lifehacks for beginner and advanced baking enthusiasts that will save you time, equipment and definitely some nerves.

1. The Wine Bottle Rolling Pin

                                                            (image credit:

You can't find your rolling pin? No problem! We've got your back. Snatch a wine bottle off of your wine shelf and let's get rollin. Trust us... it works a dream!

2. The Measurement Cheat Sheet

Getting into baking you will notice alot of recipes use the Terms cups, pints or gallons. But how damned much is a cup?! The cheat sheet above is all you need! Find the full sheet here.


3. The Kitchen Mess Preventer 

                                                               (image credit:

How does your kitchen look after a good 'ol baking session? A mess? Whose doesn't! Here's a useful hack to prevent making a (huge) mess whilst whisking: Cut two holes into a paper plate and insert the whispers into the mixer including the paper plate between it. Your mixing shield is applied and you're ready to bake off. 

4. The perfect sized Baking Pan

                                                                       (image credit:

Missing the perfect pan size for your cake? Well then, tin foil is your saviour. Just create a thick layer of tin foil and get to resizing.👩‍🍳



5. Handy Substitutions















Forgotten an essential ingredient and already halfway through your recipe? Here's a helpful list of substitutions which might save your day! Find the list here