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Pottery Starter Kit

Clay Around

Box Box
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Everything you need to dive into the world of pottery - even if it's for just an evening.


    • Pottery Kit
    • Paints
    • Instructions

Pottery + Macrame

Hang The Pot

Take your clay creations to the next level with macrame! Make your very own pot and create a macrame plant hanger to elevate your design and spruce up your home in the process.


    • Pottery Kit
    • Macrame Wall hanger Kit
    • Instructions

Pottery + Seeds

Grow Yours

Want to make your parents proud and prove you can keep a plant alive for more than 3 months? This is the Kit for you!

Includes a Pottery Kit.

    And a choice between 3 Seed Packs:

    • Chili
    • Coffee
    • Cactus

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Craft with noah

Our pottery starter kits come with everything you need to make your own little creation. It's a perfect date night activity or a chilled evening in with your friends. Either way, it's a fantastic way to unwind and get creative!

It's clay time

Our pottery starter kits come with everything you need to make your own little creation. It's a perfect date night activity or a chilled evening in with your friends. Either way, it's a fantastic way to unwind and get creative!


Build Genuine Connections

Whether you're using your noah starter kits as an online or offsite activity you'll be amazed at how a sharing a hands-on creative experience can bring your team closer.

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Learn the Key Techniques

Before you get covered in clay, get familiar with the foundational skills you need to create

Questions? Maybe noah can help.

Maybe noah can help.

  • How long does the wet clay last?

    The clay will last for up to 6 months stored in its original packaging and once opened we advise wrapping tightly in cling film and storing any left over clay inside an airtight container. If it dries out too much, simply spray it with a little water and seal the clay tightly to let it slowly rehydrate.

  • How long does it take to dry?

    Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of your piece and the temperature of your home, but on average it will dry by itself within 24-48 hours. You can tell it's fully dry when it turns completely white.

    The clay will shrink a little as it dries introducing stress points so let your work air dry naturally and evenly without help from the sun or a hairdryer to reduce the risk of cracks. If you're especially concerned about cracking or your house is particularly warm, leave the piece in a cooler area away from drafts or cover it loosely with plastic to slow the drying process.

  • How do I use air-dry clay?

    Air-dry clay is easy to use. Cut off a chunk of clay from your block (using our wire tool) and knead a little before you start to make easier to shape.

    The clay will harden over time when exposed to air, but don't stress, it does keep moist for quite a while so you don't have to rush your sculpting masterpiece.

    If the clay starts to dry out during use and you can see cracks or flakes, it can be reworked by adding a little water with a damp finger (but not too much to avoid cracks forming as the clay dries).

    If the clay becomes too wet and sticky, let it dry out a little in the air before you continue.

    If your creation takes a little longer than planned, you can work with your clay over several days by keeping it moist under a damp cloth in a plastic bag.

    When drying, the clay will shrink a little (up to 12%) so if the size of your finished work is important, go a little bigger when making.

  • Is air-dry clay waterproof?

    No, air-dry clay is not waterproof or food safe. Don't let that stop you from making vases or mugs though! Just use them with dried flowers or holding pens.

    Paint and varnish adds a layer of water resistance which is great for plant pots or other things that risk occasionally getting damp. That said, the best way to make plant pots is to keep the plants in their own plastic pot which can be removed during watering and returned once excess water has drained out.

  • Do I need a kiln?

    Air-dry clay is designed to let you unleash your ceramic creativity at home without a kiln. It will naturally harden over 3-5 days without needing to be fired, making it perfect for home use.

    That said, if you would like a more resilient final piece, this clay can be fired up to 1250°C. We suggest reaching out to local pottery studios and asking if they will fire your piece for a small fee. Your work will need to be fired twice - first as a 'bisque' at around 1000°C which hardens the clay to prepare it for glazing, then again after applying a glaze. If you're firing the kiln yourself, follow all manufacturer instructions and please make sure that the kiln is well vented (i.e. suitable extraction fan and canopy fitted allowing fumes to be safely removed from the kiln room).

  • What can I make?

    Air dry lets you make anything you can think of - from dishes to artistic sculptures. Combined with the included paints, you have the ability to make objects in all aesthetics to match your home or personal style.

    We've got a wealth of resources on Noah's Box to teach you basic techniques for working with the clay as well as follow along tutorials to get you started on making planters, vases and more. See our 'How To' tutorials to help you start your new adventure in our Beyond The Box community.

    The clay is not suited for anything involving water or food unless fired, so if you want to make these kind of pieces, reach out to a local potter with a kiln who can help you fire the work.

  • Team Events

    You came to the right place! Bonding as a team while getting your hands dirty encourages genuine conversations while creating some creative pottery pieces over a pint, wine or hot chocolate. Our kits have been carefully crafted from unboxing to guiding you through the experience - we will make sure you will have a fun time!

    Our resident potters are available for online & offline classes. Just visit the link below to get more information:


  • Do you do gift wrapping?

    We do not offer gift wrapping at the moment. However, the box will arrive in a brown carton with a subtle design and only our ‘noah’ logo on it. From the outside, the recipient wouldn’t be able to tell what is in the box without opening it. We do offer to leave a small note on the insert free of charge.

  • Is the Kit suitable for kids & pregnant women?

    The paints and clay are non toxic and safe for pregnant women & kids but don’t eat any clay and always avoid inhaling any clay dust. The Kit itself is suitable for kids over 3 years and it’s a great activity to do together. However, our Kit is not a toy and requires careful supervision from an adult at all times, and please be extra careful when using the tools (we recommend removing the Metal Needle Tool when using the Kit with children).