Starter Kits for the Home

Shop stress-free with noah! Save time and money with the perfect Home Starter Kit whether you are moving home, or upgrading your current place.

Kitchen Kits

All your Cooking & Dining Essentials sorted with just one Box.

Student Kits

Deck out your halls. We’ve got all the uni living essentials covered.

Baking Kits

All the equipment needed to bake it off with confidence.

Home Starter Kits

Bedding, Kitchen, and Essential household items packed in these Kits.

Bedding Sets

Sleep well with our range of Bedding, Linen, & Mattress protectors.


Shop appliances, bathroom and laundry items, and a huge range of home extras.


Experience less of the purchasing hurdles when getting started with noah.

"This moving-in kit will be a lifesaver."

"There's genuinely a brilliant load of stuff in this box."

"With everything from bedding to hangers to tea towels & more, you'll have the perfect starter pack."

"New endeavours need a Starter Kit and noah developed a collection of curated boxes packed with high quality items delivered to your door"

“Noah provides everything you need to take your first step of every new endeavour; all the while costing you less time and saving money at the same time."

"The kit from noah offers practically everything you’ll need for cooking and dining while away at university."

"Moving to a new place is all about starting over and that has never been easier than with noah."

"Noah offers bumper packs of everything you need to fully kit out your home without a million different deliveries or realising you’ve forgotten a cheese grater."

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Conscious Efforts

Giving back to community & nature

Increasing customer value shouldn’t come at the detriment of our planet and the people living in it, so at Noah we’ve started to make Conscious Efforts beyond the box to build a positive future. It also means when you buy a Kit, you too can feel a part of our mission.

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