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How To Customise your Kit

You will start with a fully fleshed out Luxe Student Kit. You can then Swap, Remove or Add items. Your Kit will still arrive in the lovely & secure noah branded box and ready to be taken to Uni with ease.

  • You start with a Luxe Student Kit and then customise each item in the Kit
  • Swap: Click on an item and check out the 'Alternatives'
  • Add: On the Add-On step you can add exciting extras
  • Remove: Open an item and click 'Remove from Kit'
  • Quantities: Need an extra set of towels? We got you covered.
  • The price of your Starter Kit will adjust accordingly - offering you the best value possible.

PS. If you struggle on mobile. Try it outour App on Desktop - the extra space helps sometimes to navigate the Kit Builder a bit easier.

To open this help section again just press 'Need Help?'.

Build Your Kit