Here at Noah’s Box, we are building the first event-driven eCommerce brand offering Starter Kits for any occasion in life. We aim to disrupt the way consumers conduct multi-item shopping by building a trusted brand that addresses an increasing number of 'life events’ through carefully curated product bundles.

From our own experiences, we found that purchasing everything you need to start a new chapter in your life such as setting up in a new home is a real chore, often requiring multiple trips to different stores and more Amazon deliveries than any person should ever have to bear. We’ve created a solution that allows the customer to start with a curated selection of items and then customise to their requirements, reducing the wasted shopping time and providing economies of scale not possible when purchasing items individually.

Join us to build the future of Starter Kits 🙌

Full-Stack/Frontend Developer (Part/Full-time) 

We are looking for a talented Developer to join our awesome eCommerce Startup in the making and to become part of our founding team. 

We are looking to work with someone that shares our passion for developing a state-of-the-art user experience that is second to none. We want to make it easy to create, share and purchase all kinds of Starter Kits and are keen to build an outstanding web-experience.

We have some incredibly interesting projects in the pipeline that go far beyond the standard eCom stuff 🙌

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Customer Success Manager (Part/Full-time)

We are looking for a Customer Service Manager with an entrepreneurial spirit to join our awesome eCommerce Startup in the making. Someone who is eager to build out our customer service area (e.g. FAQs or Intercom Help Bots) while also exploring various other area of the business such as Operations or Web Content.

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