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Box Box
Customer favorite

Everything you need to dive into the world of pottery - even if it's for just an evening.


    • Pottery Kit
    • Paints
    • Instructions

Everything you need to get started with DIY Jesmonite & Terrazzo. Choose from 4x moulds including Coasters, Shell, Facepot or Tealights + Tray. Imagine it and make it.


    • Jesmonite & Terrazzo Kit
    • Colour Pigment Set
    • How to guide

Make yourself some DIY Macrame with the Kit that has everything in you need to get started. Tie yourself into a new hobby and make up to 4x pieces per kit - for keeping and gifting.


  • 4x Coloured Strings
  • Wooden & Metal Accessories
  • Expert step-by-step guide

Make your own scented candles at home with the Candle Making Starter Kit. Perfect for newbies looking for an easy craft.


  • Candle Making Tools
  • Candle Wax
  • Essential Oils
  • Gifting Accessories

For the beginner chefs who just need the kitchen basics.

    • 3pc Cooking Set
    • 2x Person Porcelain dinner set
    • 12pc Utensils set
    • 3x Knives set

Love cooking? Perfect for those working on their cooking expertise.

    • 3pc Induction Cooking Set
    • 4x Person Stoneware dinner set
    • 12pc Utensils set
    • 3x Knives & Bamboo Chopping Board

Curated with everything needed to finesse those cooking & hosting skills.

    • 5pc Induction Cooking Set
    • 4x Person Stoneware dinner set
    • 15pc Utensils set
    • 3x Knives & Premium Chopping Board

55+ essentials to get you cooking, snoozing and staying fresh.

  • Essential Pan Set (Not suitable for induction hobs)
  • 2 x Person Dining Set
  • 12pc Value Utensil Set
  • 30+ Cotton Bedding & Linen styles
  • Hand & Bath Towels

55+ essentials so you can live in luxury at University.

    • Luxe Premium Pan Set (Induction hob friendly)
    • 2 x Person Porcelain Dining Set
    • Superior 12pc Utensil Set
    • Premium Bedding & Linens upgrade
    • Hand & Bath Towels


80+ items

Make sure nothing is missing when moving to a new place and have all the essentials sorted with a single purchase.

    • Full Bedding set
    • Towels & Coat Hangers
    • Cookware Set
    • 4x Tableware
    • Utensils
    • Many useful extras


90+ items

Take the quality up a notch with our most Premium Pack yet. Everything you need to hit the ground running.

    • Full Bedding set
    • Egyptian Cotton Towels
    • Wooden Coat Hangers Towels
    • Premium Cookware Set
    • 4x Tableware
    • Utensils
    • Many useful extras